U.S. Energy Corp. (“USEG”) is committed to ESG stewardship and being a leader in reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining environmental responsibility through our guiding principles: Performance, Transparency and Strategy.


U.S. Energy Corp. plans to improve operational performance of all owned assets throughout their lifespan by prioritizing ESG initiatives in our decision making. USEG is dedicated to the environment, health and safety performance, water management, workplace diversity/inclusion, and community relations in our footprint of operations.


U.S. Energy Corp. strives to always be transparent to our shareholders concerning our performance and greenhouse gas emissions/carbon footprint as we continue to operate and grow into the future. We will use performance indicators to track our success as well as collaborate with NGO’s, external advisors, and third-party experts to continuously improve ESG performance.


U.S. Energy Corp.’s go forward strategy for our business is to implement these principles, be mindful of new and past ESG/Green initiatives and prioritize our corporate responsibility to the communities we touch. We plan to set internal targets concerning green house gas emissions, implement policies concerning flaring and methane management, and identify potential liabilities of future operations and plan to minimize any potential environmental risks.